Mathison, C.

ECT Treatment Log

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Personal Information

Name: Carrie Mathison
Date of Birth: April 5, 1979
Sex: Female
Primary Doctor: Dr. Lowell
Chart Number: SCL00001
Status: Active
S.S.N.: xxx-xx-xxxx
HPI: Bipolar Disorder
Surgery / Procedures: Electroconvulsive Therapy

Medical History

After the onset of a manic episode in college, patient was referred to Student Health Services — where no formal diagnosis was given. Later suffered emotional breakdown following first posting in Baghdad but again kept this off the official record.

Family history of bipolar disorder (father); her sister, a physician, has been supplying clozapine and monitoring the condition. After repeated manic episodes, patient enters clinic of her own free will and consents to a series of ECT sessions as per our diagnosis.

Rx Information

  • Clonazepan
  • Lithium
  • Clozapine


Attending Physician:

Dr. Lowell


Whitney Ross - Psychiatric Clinic

Patient: Mathison, C.